Getting started

1. Subscribe to TRodds Premium Edition

To maximize your profits, you want to subscribe to TRodds premium edition which gives you full access to all arbitrages, all bookies, best payment suppliers, our unique Surebet calculator, and much more. Subscribe with TRodds today and gain unlimited access to our premium edition where you can see arbitrages and take action on them.

2. Choose the right bookmakers for you

TRodds has carefully selected the safest and most reliable bookmakers in the market for you. All that’s left for you to do is to open an account with them. So, BEFORE you place your first SureBet, you have to choose the right bookmakers for you. Here, you will provide them with your personal details. When the registration is completed, you will receive a username, a password and/or your personal account number. It’s very important to write these down and it has to be in a place where you, and only you, have access to it.

Note: You will withdraw your profits using your personal details, so it's very important to provide all the chosen bookmakers your actual personal details.

Note: Some bookmakers will offer you a promotional bonus as a new member. Remember to check the conditions before receiving the bonus.

3. Deposit funds at your bookmakers betting accounts

The best SureBet situations stay for no more than a few minutes, so you have to already be set up with all your bookmaker accounts. For that, you need to deposit funds into your betting accounts.
The most common deposit options are credit card, bank transfer, and bank checks. Also, for your convenience in the Standard and Premium editions, we have added some e-wallet options like Skrill, Neteller, and Payoneer. Most bookmakers accept them and they are a much safer, easier, and more cost-effective option to handle your deposits and claim back your profits. We advise you to follow the links and open an account before making a deposit with your selected bookmakers.

Note: The fees and the time it takes for the money to arrive to your betting account vary from method to method. Some brokers will carry part of the fees, but you will have to double check that with the specific bookmaker and your bank and/or credit card issuer.

4. Placing your first SureBet

If you followed the previous steps, you are now ready to place your first SureBet. Notice that in some bets, some bookmakers only allow that you bet in doubles or triples. It’s important to check that before placing the actual bet. You will come across many different formats of odds presentation, but we always use the European format (decimal). We suggest you do the same with the bookmakers you pick for your SureBets.

5. Receive profits from your betting accounts

Just as with depositing funds into your betting accounts, you have pretty much the same options for withdrawing your funds: credit card, bank transfer, and bank check. Note: Same as for depositing, you can also withdraw funds to your featured e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and Payoneer.

6. Repeat

At this stage, you must have already gotten a nice profit after completing your first successful SureBet. All that’s left for you to do is to REPEAT the process again and again and again.

Some of the bookmakers that we scan